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When is th e best time to take cuttings from Hydgangeas and roses? and whats the right way to take cuttings {for propagating} in general?                                                                                               

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Re: cuttings


Spring is better for all plants to take cutting.

 Since roses are usually grafted on a root stock the are difficult to grow from cuttings.

 Cuttings grow better if you use a rooting hormone, it stimulates the rooting process. You will also need a loose potting soil for your containers.

Choose  a new  growing tip the cutting should be two to four inches. Where the leaf is attached is called the node make your cutting right below node, remove the bottom leaves. Dip it in the rooting hormone and plant it in the soil. You can plant more than one cutting per pot just make sure they are not touching. Keep the put in a humid sunny window. If your house is too dry you can make a mini greenhouse.



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