<![CDATA[Burpee Community - ]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids en-US Burpee //d1l316k04n1hna.cloudfront.net/static/images/burpee-favicon.png 16 16 Burpee http://www.burpee.com/community/ <![CDATA[Re: Ideas for gardening with kids]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1332 Lots of way. Let them have their own section of the garden and grow radishes. Grow cukes and place in a bottle when they are just forming. Cuke in a bottle! Grow mellons-let them scribe their name in the skin when the mellons are about the size of a fist. When picked there is their name on their mellon. Watermellons are the best. Happy gardening!

http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1332 March 18, 2012
March 21, 2012 March 21, 2012 <![CDATA[Re: Ideas for gardening with kids]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1331 For flowers plant annual flowers that they can direct sow, like sunflower, zinnias  nasturtiums, and marigolds. They are easy to plant and they come up fast.

Have them plant easy vegetables and quick to produce.

For vegetables early in the spring choose loose head  lettuce, radishes, short snap pea, and tiny carrots. They like it cool.

Later when it warms up plant bush beans, cucumbers, summer squash and maybe a tiny pumpkin like ‘Jack Be Little’ or ‘Baby Boo’. Once the temperature stays above 55 degrees.

Many vegetables come in fun colors  and shapes like purple beans,  red lettuce, and white pumpkins

http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1331 March 21, 2012
<![CDATA[Re: Ideas for gardening with kids]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1330 Hi GardeningMom!

I recently came across a post by Theresa Loe on the Bupree blog. It's all about starting small with your kids. My niece loved the idea of growing one seed in a cup. Maybe your kids will too!


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<![CDATA[Re: Ideas for gardening with kids]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1329 Thanks NYM! And great post by Theresa! I think I'll try "leasing" a portion of my new garden to the kids and let them get creative with it.

http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1329 March 22, 2012
<![CDATA[Re: Ideas for gardening with kids]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=1328 I think it is incredibly important to get your kids involved in the garden with you.  It teaches so many lessons at once - agriculture, science, environmentalism, social responsibility,  it goes on and on.  I have actually started a blog about getting my three boys involved in gardening (and all other aspects of sustainable living) with me, which you can check out at mattamuskeetmomma.blogspot.com  My boys are 6, 4 and 19 months, and they take their gardening very seriously!  I know that there are lots of "fun" activities to do with your kids, but if you explain the work of gardening to them, and why you are doing what you are doing (tilling, staking tomatoes, pulling weeds) they understand and are invaluable help.  They also take immense ownership in the foods that they help grow.  My boys don't fight about eating their vegetables, as long as they came from our garden!  

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<![CDATA[Re: Ideas for gardening with kids]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=2069 Along with the easy to grow things -- radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, etc., -- I like to include one thing each year just for fun, just to see how the plant grows. Often these have been plants that don't normally grow in our area (zone5). That can be a challenge in itself! For instance, one year I grew a couple of cotton plants, so the kids could see how cotton grows and is harvested; another year we grew a few peanuts -- fascinating to watch them bloom, then bury their heads as the actual peanut developed under ground. Another year we tried mustard ... harvested the seeds, smashed them and made a small batch of our own mustard. While it tasted good, the kids decided it was too much work, they would rather WALK to the grocery. No argument from me! But they learned a lot about the lives of other people in the process. Getting their hands scraped and pricked trying to pick a small amt of cotton gave them a new appreciation for the intense work done by generations of African-American slaves in the South, and for the invention of the cotton gin.

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<![CDATA[Re: Ideas for gardening with kids]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/223/ideas-for-gardening-with-kids?commentid=2096 Check your local garden center or greenhouse for workshops.  Mine does a complete garden & landscaping series of 1 hour workshops, including many geared towards kids and beginners.

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