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Why do you love gardening?

I love gardening because my Grandma had 32 grand children and Burpee's use to sell a packet of vegetable seeds for kids for a penny.  My grandparents were very poor but they could afford that.  Every grand child had a garden and Grandma would let us open the packet and talk about the seeds and we would plant them together.  We each took care of our own garden. It was the one big present I got from her every year.  I love my garden and think of Ganny every time I dig in the dirt!  Thank you Burpee for making my childhood special!  :-)

Kim Hirsch from MNSmile

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Re: Why do you love gardening?

I love working outside.  Although sometimes the amount of work is exhausting, watching my crops grow is so very rewarding.  I also learned how to garden from my Granny.



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Re: Why do you love gardening?

my garden space is restricted but its amazing how i obtain so much from such space... Will share a couple thoughts which save me work and space.. First of all i garden in strips which are about thirty inches wide with grass strips on each side of the dirt area.. I use a tool called the claw to prepare the soil and never step on the dirt area after the ground is loosened and prepared for planting which can be done sitting on the grass strips on each side and reaching across from either side. In the case of tomatoes i plant using indeterminate varieties - I space the plants 14 inches apart and apply steel stakes to each tomato plant and grow to a single stem, trimming off suckers and later - leaf branches from the bottom after the plants are about three to four feet high..leave the flowering branches - these provides air to the bottom of the plants avoiding fugus possiblities later on.  Without the bottom foilage I plant rows of carrots along the base of the tomatoes - the ole say - "carrots love tomatoes" The single stem tomatoes are trained up ward and tied with using you choice - i use old cotton strips of cloth and add a strips of 1"bye inch wood to the stalks using dry wall screws if the steel stakes have holes or cloth strips if necessary,  This past year i had tomatoes clearing a rain gutter on the house bye two feet.. Have to admit that happened only on my grape tomatoe planted next to the steps going into my house. Makes picking and munching easy if a quick snack is desired..  One more tomato hint.  If your a fisherman - bury the remains under you tomatoes deep enough to discourage rodents and watch how it make the plants grow.  I use no commerical fertilizers - only the clippings from untreated grass and leaves. So much for a couple things to consider for easy garden work... 



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