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How & when to harden off my new plants.

I'm a first-time seed grower this year.  I've planted zinnea, marigold, impatiens and a few other annuals from seed inside the house, and all have sprouted and seem to be doing well.  The zinneas are already about 2 inches tall.  This gets me to the point where I'm starting to ask myself, "What next?"  I don't plan to put these in the ground until mid-May, and I realize they have a way to go until then, and that I have to "harden off" them before I plant them.  So when do I start the harden off process?  Do I need a cold frame?  Do I put them outside during the day and inside in the evening and on cold days/nights?  I'm looking for some expert advice!


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Re: How & when to harden off my new plants.


Hardening off, Start about a week before you plan to transplant your seedlings. Set the containers (flats) in a sheltered, shady spot outdoors.  Bring the plants inside at night and if the weather turns cold, windy. or rainy. Expose the plants gradually to more sun. After two or thre days,you can safely keep them in the sun for a half day. Buy the end of the week they will be tough enough for the sun all day. Transplant the seedlings to the garden  on an overcast day to ease the shock.



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