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Herbs Rosemary

Does Rosemary survive being outside in the winter?  Must I bring it inside to keep it growing?

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Re: Herbs Rosemary

It depends where you are and what variety of Rosemary you are growing. Most Rosemary is hardy in zone 7B and 8. A few varieties, such as Hall's Hardy Rosemary will survive in zone 7A or 6B, especially with mulch. 

That said, I have seen great huge Rosemary plants in Cape May. I have a Halls Hardy growing in a container that I have had for years. I keep it in a protected spot in the shade for the winter. I also have a tender rosemary that I overwinter in a sunny window in a cool room. This plant is 10 years old and has to be cut back to make it fit in its spot each year. Both plants grow in full sun outside for the summer. 



Result Count: 1