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Best tomatoes ever

I'm not sure if I got some cross pollination from the different varieties this year, but my late tomatoe plants were excellent! I started many from Burpee seed and ordered some plants from Burpee's, so I kinda lost track of what was whaere and when. I think the Orange slice, the Salsa, Big Moma, and Porterhouse gained together to cross pollinate several late plants to make a lage orange tomatoe with very little seed and so meaty. I tended to think that these were the orange slice tomaotes, but they kept so long. My past experience with yellow tomatoes is they are very tasty, but keep only a few days before starting to go bad.

Great growing season in upstate S.C., thanks to great varieties from Burpees.

Take a look at the pics of the sliced guys. And by the way, a bumper crop of Va. jumbo p-nuts. A 20 yard row produced abundance. The seeds from Burpees were perfect.





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