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I'm from Central Florida. I find the best luck I have with tomatoes is starting them indoors around late january. In the EARLY spring I plant the tomatoes in a place where they get about partial shade. If you have a place that is almost full sun the in winter and full shade (with really good indirect light) in the summer, you will have the most luck. Also...MULCH. The florida sun really sucks the water right out of the soil.I also water for about 15 min every morning around 6 am, using one of those cheap automatic water timers from the hardware store. I heavily ammended the soil with Black Kow compost and fertilized regularly.

 Last year I planted the Kings of Color Mix. The Sunny boy hybrid in that mix was by far the best producer. I have about 100 really good size tomatoes and have a friend I gave a plant to that is STILL producing. They did get about 5 ft tall though. Really need to be staked, heavily.

Hope this helps!

http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/140/heat-tolerant-tomatos?commentid=1507 January 12, 2012