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Welcome to the green life, klanedoc9!

Direct sowing is when you place the seeds directly in the prepared soil outside, at the recommended time for that particular plant seed.

Indirect sowing, is planting seeds indoors before they could survive or germinate outdoors, or perhaps in a coldframe or hot house, for later transplanting outdoors at the appropriate time.

Some seeds/plants do better in early spring when it is still cool, and will withstand frosts and even some snow, but can't handle more sun and heat.  (Peas, lettuce, pansies for example) Of these, lettuce and pansies can be sown indoors and moved out early, but peas do not transplant well and must be sown outdoors as early as ground can be worked and is not soggy.  They even handle some snow.  In central PA, many will plant around St Patty's Day.  Early cabbage may be seeded indoors, so plants can be set out early to mature before summer heat.

Other seeds/plants can's handle any chilly breezes or cool nights, or need to get started indoors 1st so they have a long enough season to produce the fruit or flowers you want.  (Peppers, tomatoes, summer squash and zinnia are examples.)  They may be seeded outdoors if you wait long enough, but the window for planting seeds may be small or result in later harvests.

Some plants that do best with fall planting also need to be planted in later summer protected from too much sun, heat or drought.  (brussels sprouts, late broccoli and cabbage, late pansies) 

Check planting dates for your area, talk to neighbors, and read, then experiment.  Gardening is a lifelong learning experiment as the weather in each season varies from year to year and plant survival changes with those variations and the bugs and diseases that do or do not survive in those weather changes.  Good luck!

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February 14, 2012 February 14, 2012 <![CDATA[Re: New to gardening]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/131/new-to-gardening-?commentid=1449 Thank you PA-Gardener!  I appreciate the help Smile

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if u are planting flowers from seed u should start them indoors too, like cosmos, marigold.

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