<![CDATA[Burpee Community - ]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/129/weed-and-grass-prevention en-US Burpee //d1l316k04n1hna.cloudfront.net/static/images/burpee-favicon.png 16 16 Burpee http://www.burpee.com/community/ <![CDATA[Re: weed and grass prevention]]> http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/129/weed-and-grass-prevention?commentid=1432 Weed control is problematic if not planned ahead of time. Before planting the vegetables, make sure to get rid of the weed population. Then, use mulch to cover any bare patches between the vegetable plants and rows. Spraying should be avoided, especially for edible plantings.

http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/129/weed-and-grass-prevention?commentid=1432 February 16, 2012