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I've grown broccoli for many years from seed. Great success, Premium Crop and Bonanza and others. For the last 3 years, I get almost no heads, and very small heads on the ones that form. Many are the same varieties I grown for 30 years. Soil pH measures 6.9. Same general location within a couple of feet, year after year. What's the problem?

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Re: broccoli

We've been seeing this a lot in the past few years. As warmer weather has been setting on earlier in the spring, the broccoli is not getting enough short, cool days and cool evenings to head well. Try planting them out a week earlier than usual in spring, and protect with a frost cover. You may get better results with a fall crop as the season moves out of the warm long days, towards the short cooler ones that broccoli and other brassicas prefer. - Chelsey Fields, Vegetable Horticulturist



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