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worms in Texas Gardens

Hi Fellow lovers of the soil!

I have been gardening for decades now and would like to know what kind of worms I need to buy to live in the heavy clay soil of Northern Texas. My sons told me that it gets so hot here in Texas that the worms go so deep into the ground that they do not do the gardens any good. I disagree! I had been living in the United Kingdom where there were so many worms in my garden I feel naked without having any worms in our garden here in Texas. Whenever I see a worm living in the soil in the gutters, I pick it up and transfer it to our garden. My sons tell me I am risking my life to pick up a worm with all the cars driving by. I told them I want worms that are used to this hot Texas weather but I do not know what kind of worms they are. Does any one know what kind of worms grow best in the hot Texas soil?

Do you know of any web site that is devoted to Texas gardening?

Thank you very much for your kind assistance in answering my questions.


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Re: worms in Texas Gardens


There are many types of worms and you need to know which work will thrive in your area. Your best bet is to contact your county extension service to see what they recommend  for you local area.



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