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Hi, A couple of my friends and I are doing a small community garden this year. I also have my own at home, but our Decatur Tomorrow group is trying to get something going for our community to promote good food. We haven't had too much interest yet, so my friends and are are doing the small plot ourselves in hopes that others will see what can be done.

we have a larger plot of ground that is available if the interest grows. I would be interested in any comments, ideas, and advice for do's and don'ts that anyone would like to share on setting up and managing a community garden. If you know of any grants available for getting started would be helpful also (tools, more water lines for each individual plot, mulch, rototiller, etc.).  Our little will work fine for this year, but I am looking at next year at the larger plot in hopes that the interest will grow. We also have a local food pantry that is run by one of our churches, that we will donate some of the produce from the garden to.

Thank You

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Re: Community Garden

Hi Carolyn,

This is a good idea!  I live in central Pennsylvania and I know of at least three community gardening programs just around my area.  They are good for promoting good healthy food options, community support, and promoting gardening or outdoor activities for others in the area....

Here are a few ideas for you that might help you out in this great idea:

1.) Typically if the plots are already setup, plowed/raised beds created ahead of time, fencing for protection of the crops, or equipment already existing, that will draw more people to help because most of the beginning hard work is taken care of...

2.) Eventhough it is a "community garden", make sure to have some sort of security or neighborhood watch of the gardens, along with good fencing, from greedy people (even critters) that might want to try and get some free veggies.  People will start to see this a will want to participate more if they know there hard work is not going to possibly go to waste...

3.) The good old (I'll scratch your back if you scratch my back) approach...  Try looking into setting up monetary donations or support agreements with your local soup kitchens, community centers, retirement communities, homeless shelters, etc., for the needed supplies of tools, equipment, plot creation costs, etc...  I say this becuase a lot of times (and expecially in my area) these same groups will be more than glad to help with costs for particular needs of a community garden program IF they in return get a certian precentage of the yearly crop donated back to the organization that backed the program....  (Understand what I mean?)....  It is kind of a "win-win" for both parties.  The public gardening community get the financial support they need on a yearly basis, and the homeless shelters, community centers, retirement communities and/or soup kitchens get much needed "donated" fresh veggies back to them which they desperately need for there organization in this tough economy and government spending cuts to these particular programs we face currently today....  A lot of this happens in the area I live currently and is working very well for everyone....

4.)  As for special federal/state/local government programs, I am not aware of any currently to help you out.  Programs like this could differ from state to state depending on where you live....  But some research will be well worth it....

Anything else you have a question with, feel free to ask!  And congrats for starting the community gardening program in your area!  Every community across the country should start doing more of this!!


- Tom



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