How to earn Burpee badges

Every time you create a new post or contribute to an existing post you increase your Badge Ranking Level on the forum. As you move up in levels you can also earn specialty badges. See the rules below for earning these badges.

Gardener Level Badges
Garden Specialty Badges
  • Become a member by registering
  • Ask one question

Veggie Whisperer
  • Answer five vegetable questions

Soil Stomper
  • Answer one question
  • Ask one question

Fruit Fortitude
  • Answer five fruit questions

Green Thumb
  • Answer three questions
  • Ask three questions
  • Upload one photo

  • Answer five herb questions

Garden Guru
  • Answer six questions
  • Ask six questions
  • Upload three photos

Flower Power
  • Answer five flower questions

Master Gardener
  • Answer twelve questions
  • Ask twelve questions
  • Upload six photos
Hot Topic
  • Question is promoted to a hot topic
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