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Would you like a money garden? According to W. Atlee Burpee & Co., a home vegetable garden “...will result in a 1 to 25 cost-savings ratio.
Hard economic times are acting like instant fertilizer on an industry that had been growing slowly: home vegetable gardening.
Feb/17/2009  -  Save money: grow some vegetables - ( The Florida Times-Union )
Burpee's "Money Garden" special is an example where $10 worth of seeds can produce $650 worth of vegetables. Talk about a good (and delicious) return on an investment!
With food costs rising and household budgets tightening, home-grown garden solutions are a great way to both save and get a lot of green in 2009.
Dec/19/2008  -  Down-to-earth plan will put green in your wallet - ( Atlanta Journal Constitution )
Burpee's Chairman & CEO, George Ball, talks about the financial benefits of vegetable gardening.
Leaf lettuces like this Lettuce Simpson Elite, available from Burpee, can be grown year-round in nearly any climate — if you know what you’re doing.
Rising food prices have more New Yorkers turning their backyards, roofs and even window sills into mini-farms.

Jun/11/2008  -  Banking On Gardening - ( The New York Times )
George Ball, owner of the W. Atlee Burpee Company, said sales of vegetable and herb seeds and plants are up by 40 percent over last year, double the annual growth for the last five years.

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