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Aug/27/2009  -  Feeding Frenzy - ( Newsweek )
The Burpee Seed Company reports that by the end of 2009, almost 20 percent more households will have grown their own vegetables, fruits, and herbs than in 2008, which translates into 7 million new gardeners and the biggest renaissance in "edible gardening," since World War II.
Aug/18/2009  -  Produce tips for upcoming seasons - ( ABC Philadelphia )
Produce tips for the upcoming seasons from Burpee's Chairman George Ball on location at Fordhook Farm — Burpee's trial and test gardens in Pennsylvania.
Aug/14/2009  -  Seeds: Nature's Microchips - ( The Wall Street Journal )
Home gardeners reap huge returns as the Old Economy is new again.
George Ball, chairman of W. Atlee Burpee & Co., one of the largest seed companies in the U.S., recently called for replacing the current national flower, the rose, with a new one, the sunflower.
Victory gardens are in, thanks to first lady Michelle Obama.
Victory Gardens, those relics that Eleanor Roosevelt helped popularize during World War II, are chic again. Thank the Obama White House and a pair of whimsical 20-somethings who practice something they call "nudge politics."
Apr/05/2009  -  Seed and Plant Sales Spike - ( Fox Business )
Seed and Plant Sales Spike. Burpee CEO George Ball on people cultivating their own food.

As American families try to stretch their food budgets during the recession, some are turning to the backyard, rather than the grocery store, as the place to look for produce.

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