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U.S. prices of fruits and vegetables are rising at an alarming rate.  Read more from George Ball, Burpee Chairman and CEO.
Apr/01/2011  -  Seed Stories - ( Smithsonian Institution )
About this time of year gardeners all over the country are planting the seeds they ordered over the winter. Tending tiny seedlings under heat lamps, they wonder if the rainbow chard or Early Girl tomatoes they have planted will live up to the tantalizing images and descriptions featured in numerous nursery catalogs.
Childhood obesity is now the nation's disease—an ailment crippling the body politic.  Help fight this disease by gardening with your children and encouraging them to eat healthier.
A community garden near White Rock Lake created with neighborhood schoolchildren in mind has helped inspire Burpee to start an awards program supporting similar vegetable plots all over the United States.

Tomato lovers debate:  Heirlooms vs. hybrids.  Hybrid tomatoes are traditionally more resistant to blights, but tomato "snobs" say heirlooms taste better. Is that changing?

Heirloom tomatoes, like Ol' Man River, just keep rolling along. It doesn't seem to matter that their yields are often less than those of modern varieties, or that some have less disease resistance.
Jun/02/2010  -  Brandywine nostalgia - ( Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Blog )
Fort Wayne garden writer talks about her Brandywine nostalgia.
Burpee’s Chairman and CEO talks about the forces that are driving interest in home gardening.

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