Burpee's Welcome Home Garden - VA News 513

W. Atlee Burpee recently joined forces with U.S. government officials and organizations to provide the W. Atlee Burpee & Co. Welcome Home Garden to returning veterans and their families.  This project, initiated by Burpee Chairman and CEO George Ball, and a longtime friend, Miryana Navarro-Monzo, was created as a healing tool for our recently returned troops from the wars in Iran and Afghanistan.  The project has given 50,000 military families a package containing 10 seed packets, two flowers and eight vegetables.  Burpee will distribute another 100,000 packages over the next two years.  In the process of its distribution and the responses from the military families, it became apparent that these gardens have also become an expression of hope. 

The project was recently featured on a VA Newscast and can be seen in this video.  

The feature will also be running on the VA website and on the Pentagon Channel. 

Burpee is proud of our heritage of supporting veterans and their families. 


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