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Vegetable with Green Seeds Inside

A red romaine with terrific flavor—and an American...

Cimarron Lettuce

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Product Details

LifeCycle: Annual 

Height: 10-12 inches 

Sowing Method: Direct Sow 

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59155A - 1 Pkt.
(1240 Seeds)
Buttercrunch Lettuce Vegetables  1 Pkt. (500 seeds) 52134A

All-America Selections winner. Extremely popular lettuce...

Buttercrunch Lettuce

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Product Details

Sun: Full Sun 

Spread: 6 inches 

Height: 9-15 inches 

Thinning: 8 inches 

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52134A - 1 Pkt.
(500 seeds)
59275 - 22.5' seed tape $6.95