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Pics of Summer Squash

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Our very best squash in one easy collection.

Collection, Best of Summer Squash Squash

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Spread: 24-36 inches 

Height: 18-24 inches 

Thinning: 36 inches 

Days to Maturity: 48-50 days 

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68246C - 4 Pkts. $17.95
Summer, Pic-N-Pic Hybrid Squash Vegetables  1 Pkt. (25 seeds) 53215A

Golden yellow fruits have smooth, tender skin. Extremely...

Summer, Pic-N-Pic Hybrid Squash

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Sun: Full Sun 

Spread: 18 inches 

Height: 24-30 inches 

Thinning: 18 inches 

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53215A - 1 Pkt.
(25 seeds)