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Pepper Plant Hot Sauce

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Small, very hot peppers that lend the kick to the famous...

Hot, Tabasco Pepper

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Product Details

Spread: 28 inches 

Height: 30 inches 

Days to Maturity: 80 days 

Sowing Method: Indoor Sow 

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53275A - 1 Pkt. $3.95
26327 - 3 Plants $14.95
Hot Lemon Hot Pepper Vegetables  1 Pkt. (30 seeds) 54320A

HEIRLOOM. From Ecuador, as hot as any Cayenne, but with a...

Hot Lemon Hot Pepper

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Product Details

Sun: Full Sun 

Spread: 16 inches 

Height: 18-24 inches 

Days to Maturity: 70-80 days 

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54320A - 1 Pkt.
(30 seeds)
20249 - 3 Plants $15.95