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Heirloom Vegetable Plant Transplants

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Acorn-shaped Wisconsin heirloom: for paste, as a slicer, in...

Amish Paste Tomato

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Product Details

Sun: Full Sun 

Spread: 18 inches 

Height: 36-42 inches 

Days to Maturity: 80-90 days 

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52001A - 1 Pkt.
(25 Seeds)
26334 - 3 Plants $14.95

A Turkish heirloom producing abundant red-orange fruit.

Turkish Orange Eggplant

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Height: 18-22 inches 

Days to Maturity: 65-85 days 

Sowing Method: Indoor Sow 

Resistant To: insect 

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59100A - 1 Pkt.
(30 Seeds)

Large crops of tapered fruits that turn bright red when...

Sweet, Friggitello Pepper

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Product Details

Sun: Full Sun 

Spread: 24-36 inches 

Height: 24-36 inches 

Thinning: 24 inches 

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61920A - 1 Pkt. $3.95