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Gourds Seeds for Planting

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Decorative gourds in all shapes and color combinations.

Daisy Gourd Gourd

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Spread: 7-8 feet 

Height: 15 inches 

Thinning: 3 feet 

Days to Maturity: 91-98 days 

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69715A - 1 Pkt.
(30 seeds)

Extravagantly lovely swan-necked ornamental gourd.

Speckled Swan Gourd

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Days to Maturity: 105 days 

Sowing Method: Direct Sow 

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Colorful varieties make attractive fall and winter...

Gourd Ornamental Small Fancy Mix Vegetables

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Sun: Full Sun 

Spread: 12 feet 

Height: 10-12 inches 

Thinning: 18 inches 

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34397A - 1 Pkt.
(25 seeds)