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Color Mixed Sunset

Sunset Mix Wallflower Perennials  1 Pkt. (50 seeds) 48425A

The first F1 hybrid wallflower. Incredible fragrance.

Sunset Mix Wallflower

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LifeCycle: Perennial 

Zone: 5 6 7 8 9 

Uses: Beds, Borders, Container 

Sun: Full Sun 

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48425A - 1 Pkt.
(50 seeds)
17088 - 6 Plants $19.95

Bright mix of red, cream, orange, gold and pink.

Sunset Mixed Colors Poppy California

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Product Details

LifeCycle: Annual 

Uses: Beds 

Sun: Full Sun 

Spread: 4-6 inches 

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42366A - 1 Pkt.
(350 seeds)