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Product listing: Gift Card
Flower-tone Organic Plant Food Fertilizers

A thoughtful gift for a garden-loving friend.

Gift Card - from $25.00

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Citrus-tone all natural plant-food is ideal for citrus, and...

Espoma Citrus-Tone Organic Gardening Supplies - $7.95

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Set your outdoor faucet to water your lawns or gardens...

Orbit Single Dial Timer Garden Growers - $34.95

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Spear Head Spade™ makes your toughest tasks up to 80% than...

Garden Tool - Spade - from $42.95

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Harvest delicious crops of potatoes on your patio, deck, or...

Potato Planter Garden Growers - $29.95

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Pole Bean And Pea Tower Garden Growers  1 Tower 91439

A space-saving way to grow pole beans and snap peas.

Pole Bean And Pea Tower Garden Growers - $39.95

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Burpee Booster Garden Growers  One 3 oz Pkg (40' row) 83139

Improve plant growth and increase crop yields.

Burpee Booster Garden Growers - from $8.45

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Create a variety of beautiful bed heights and shapes

Raised Bed Components Garden Growers - $14.95

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Pea And Cucumber Fence 2/Pack Garden Growers  1 Pkg. of 2 fences 93047

Provides needed support for growing peas and cucumbers.

Pea And Cucumber Fence 2/Pack Garden Growers - $39.95

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Tomato & Vegetable Blossom Set Spray Garden Growers  8 oz Bottle 90011

Grow power! All-natural spray speeds harvest and increases...

Tomato & Vegetable Blossom Set Spray Garden Growers - $9.95

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Pepper & Eggplant Supports Garden Growers  1 Order (3 Supports) 98823

Support peppers and eggplants for better yields and plants....

Pepper & Eggplant Supports Garden Growers - $25.95

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Specially designed for snipping and mincing herbs, and...

Herb Snips Kitchen / Harvest - $12.95

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Resistant To: rust 

Handy Seed Sower Seed Starting  1 Sower 90030

All natural organic gardening plant food for vegetable...

Garden-tone OrganicPlant Food Fertilizers - $9.95

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Perfect watering for row crops, raised beds and square foot...

Irrigation Kit - Row Crops Garden Growers - $69.95

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Winter Hardy and heat tolerant.

L.D.Braithwaite™ Rose - $29.95

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Product Details

LifeCycle: Perennial 

Zone: 4 5 6 7 8 9 

Spread: 4 feet 

Height: 4 feet 

All-natural plant food for roses and other flowering plants.

Rose-Tone Organic Rose & Flower Food Flower Fertilizers - $9.95

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Kneeling pad designed for many uses in the garden and the...

Gardeners Kneeling Pad Garden Growers - $9.95

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Slender-shaped shovel is versatile for many uses in the...

Garden Tools - Planter - $10.95

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